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Waterworks Pool Service invites you to book our professional Pool Opening Service early to ensure your pool is primed and ready for swimming when the time comes. Our comprehensive Pool Opening Service covers all the essential steps needed to bring your pool back to life after the winter including:

  • Removing winter plugs and installing eyeballs
  • Conducting a thorough system check for leaks
  • Checking and starting up pool equipment, including the pump, filter, chemical feeder, pool light, and heater
  • Priming the pump and initiating pool circulation
  • Adding startup chemicals, if selected, to ensure optimal water balance

Trust Waterworks Pool Service to handle every detail, so you can dive into a hassle-free pool season with confidence.

Note that all pool opening services require pre-payment. You will receive a confirmation email with payment instructions on completion of booking.

Have Questions?

We love to talk pools, if you have any questions about pool openings or our maintenance services, let us know.