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Pool Maintenance Services

Our professional pool maintenance packages are designed to cover all aspects of pool care, ensuring that your pool remains in optimal condition year-round. With our comprehensive services, you can trust that every detail is taken care of, from pool opening and closing to regular vacuuming, brushing walls and stairs, skimming, and emptying skimmers and pump baskets.

Our comprehensive packages include:

  • Pool Opening + Closing
  • Vacuuming the Pool

  • Brush Walls & Stairs

  • Skim

  • Empty skimmer

  • Empty pump basket(s)

  • Backwash as needed

  • Rinse Filters as needed

  • Test water chemistry

  • Add chemicals if required*

  • Inspect Pool Equipment

  • Provide Chemistry & Inspection report 

  • Attached Spas / Hot Tubs add $64 per month

With Waterworks Pool Service, you can enjoy a clean and sparkling pool without the hassle of maintenance. Contact us today to schedule your professional pool maintenance service and make the most of your pool all season long!

Please indicate your preferred opening date in the comments.
Chemicals are not included in base price.
A credit card must be provided & your card will be charged on the day of your opening and then monthly.
XL Pools may be subject to an additional fee.

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