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A backyard pool is often the centerpiece of summer fun and relaxation, offering a refreshing oasis for families and friends to enjoy. However, when faced with the frustration of a pool leak, the enjoyment can quickly turn into worry and stress. Pool leaks not only result in wasted water but can also lead to costly damage to the pool structure and surrounding areas if left unchecked. That’s where professional pool leak detection services come into play.

What is pool leak detection?

Pool leak detection involves a comprehensive evaluation of a swimming pool to identify and address water loss issues. Leaks can occur in various areas, including where different materials meet, such as near the skimmer, drains, or tile line, as well as in vinyl liners and underground pipes connected to the pool’s filtration system.

Sophisticated technology is utilized in the detection process. By listening for water flow sounds underground and using a hydrophone to pinpoint leaks within the pool, technicians can precisely locate the source of the leak, regardless of its origin.

In addition to technological methods, dye testing is employed to track down leaks around common areas such as drains, skimmers, or return jets. This method not only helps identify leaks but also confirms their absence after repairs are completed.

How Do I Know My Pool Has a Leak?

Detecting a pool leak can be challenging, but certain signs indicate a potential issue, including mushy or wet spots in the yard, unusually high water bills due to continuous refilling, and algae growth caused by untreated water entering the pool.

For new home buyers with pools, professional leak detection services offer peace of mind. Waterworks provides in-depth inspections for in-ground or above-ground pools, ensuring that any leaks, major or minor, are identified and addressed promptly. With a commitment to quality, Waterworks conducts repairs themselves and offers excellent warranties for both leak detection and repair services.

Here’s a simplified overview of the process:

  1. Notice a pool leak? Contact Waterworks Pool Service.
  2. Schedule a certified pool technician to visit your home for leak detection.
  3. Receive real solutions for leak resolution.
  4. Obtain written quotes for repairs and authorize them.
  5. Benefit from excellent warranties on both leak detection and repairs, ensuring long-term peace of mind.

With Waterworks Pool Service, enjoy your home’s pool confidently, knowing that any leaks will be swiftly identified and resolved by experienced professionals.

Have Questions?

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